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Y20101227' 11:48 PM

In this world we are in the same time, I was able to meet you
Baby I'm with you, When I think of you
Baby I'm with you, When I think of you

Today is a day that I will never forget
The frame of my heart has been left behind
The two of us will certainly meet again sometime,
I want to see my favourite smile

Baby I'm with you, When I think of you
Baby I'm with you, When I think of you

Memories are fragments of yesterday
That become tomorrow's strength and light
When you start to walk with me on this new road
Dreams will shine like daybreak
When we can't meet, look up at the sky,
To your place where feelings can be reached
In the future, our wish will come true
Oh yes, because you are there.

If you look up at the sky, i can meet you
Even if we're separated you'll be in my heart
In the future, our wish will come true
Oh yes, because you are there.

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Y20101217' 12:32 AM

Siento que me han quitado lo unico bueno
que me habia pasado en este mundo,
ya no se hacia donde ir,
ya no se hacia donde mirar,
ya no se que pensar,
ya no se que hacer.

Se que es extremista desde cualquier punto de vista,
pero nunca antes me habia pasado esto.

El miedo vuelve y con ellos las penas...
a ves me gustaria que confiaran mas en mi
asi como yo le confio mi vida...
Pero no todo en este mundo es color de rosa,
eso lo tengo mas que claro.

Por mas que pienso en no volver a hacerlo,
caigo de nuevo.
Será parte de mi destino?
O será por qué al final yo soy la que se está equivocando?

Todas las preguntas que tengo en mi cabeza
nunca serán contestadas. Es un hecho.

Solo, deseo que todo vuelva a ser como antes,
como cuando todo comenzó.
Que siento que una parte de mi se va desprendiendo.
Y con ello, la vida.

Y20101214' 11:20 PM

I used to sleep by your side
Holding you through the night
And Sometimes we would
argue and fight
When I leave for now
Waiting here for a while
Somehow still unsure that you're gone
Girl I don't know what I'm thinking
Promise is unmaking myself
To wash you out of my head, baby
But I never thought heart breaking
Any chance I'm taking right now
To shower down this pain

Rainy days rainy days
Now that you've gone far away
My Raindrops pouring down my eyes
You know I'll never be okay
Those fade away fade away
Don't you know I'm missin you
Here and slow it falls again
Every day and night
As I open my eyes
(Rain rain rain rain
Falling down my head)

Uh I call you on the phone
To said that I was sorry
Try to play cool
But really I was feeling sorry
Countless ringing on the tone
Kinda got me worried
Now I'm sittin here looking like I'm in a hurry
From where you let me go
The time is movin slow
We still hit it off any when and now we had it all
Yeah we had it all but you just said enough, huh
We used to stand under my umbrella ~ella ~ella
That what they said how I don't give a damn how I don't give a hella
Funny how you tell 'em fly only makes it bigger
Darling but they lay my starter running down my finger
And you said you'd always be mine
Caught me in the meanwhile
Cuz it to me a fool
Blame it all on me now
It's raining more than ever
Now a mighty hour
I miss a real way
all the things that we had

Never thought it to be this way
And I know I'll never be the same
Yeah I know
Life goes on
But still I'm tryna to figure it out
Being without you baby
You know it's killing me the same
Never see your face again
Living without you
Girl how I'm supposed to lose you baby ehhhh~~~Uhh ohhh.

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